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Skeptical Science is a blog I like to follow. It’s packed with excellent reviews and a broad overview of the established knowledge base and  developments in Environmental and Climate Change Science. They publish daily essays that are often a fantastically educational read and today’s contribution explains the science and current state of climate modelling. Useful when you need to explain the mechanics to a skeptic.


How do Climate Models Work?.


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A bane of modern life?


Texting while walking and the MP3/iPod thing really get to me when I’m driving. You used to have to keep an eye out for kids and the odd careless person, nowadays it’s everyone.

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Your average processed chicken

Looks like ice-cream - a 99 will never be the same.

This was shared with me on facebook, so I’m sharing it here. (Credit to Deb Mahan –

This is mechanically separated chicken, though their isn’t much that is separated about it. It’s more like mechanically conglomerated chicken. It’s what chicken nuggets and other processed chicken products are made from.

“The entire chicken is smashed and pressed through a sieve — bones, eyes, guts, and all. It comes out looking like this.”

Because it is covered in bacteria it will be soaked in ammonia to kill everything, but then will taste disgusting  and so will be artificially flavoured and because it looks so weird they’ll add artificial colour

I avoid this stuff anyway,  but now I can point to why it is a good idea.



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So important, it just has to be shared! We have to lobby our politicians, wherever we are in the world, to keep the internet free. We cannot hope that oppressive regimes will fall and corporate interests won’t prevail, if the grass is no longer greener on the other side.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

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Denial of climate change meets an obstacle

This is the way to convince the deniers of the truth of climate change – by impacting their pockets. How can they argue with increased insurance premiums due to extreme weather related insurance payouts? Obviously some will, but as is is apparent the insurance companies don’t care what the GOP think, they care about protecting themselves from risk, and they see the risk as increasingly coming from extreme weather events.
(Well done Peter, for finding another great angle on things!)

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


There is no doubt in the mind of major reinsurance company Munich Re that climate change is increasing the severity and frequency of extreme weather events and that this will have a major impact on the insurance industry.

And just maybe, where the science has not been able to make an impact on the world taking action on climate change, just maybe money and insurance premiums ( or lack thereof ) might get the point across.

One of my little life rules is to listen to people who are smarter than I am.
Insurers employ some of the world’s smartest people to figure out what bets to make on what’s going to happen, or not happen, in the future. They have to get it right, because, if they don’t, they make a lot of bad bets, and go out of business.
Early on, in the 1990s, larger insurance…

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Peter Sinclair does it again – I’m addicted to his blog. “…63% of the GOP’s rank-and-file support[ing]…
…aid to states to protect teachers’ and first responders’ jobs…
[whilst] …zero Republicans on Capitol Hill are willing to even allow a vote on a popular jobs idea… [that their own] …voters strongly support.”

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

The Plum Line  – Washington Post:

Republicans are already blasting Obama for failing to stand up to his base — environmentalists had organized aggressively against the decision, and deserve tremendous credit for helping to make this outcome happen. Whether or not a fear of the base drove this decision, Obama did stand up to his Republican opponents.

When Congressional GOP leaders initially tied the Keystone approval decision to the debate over whether to extend the payroll tax cut, Republicans — and some neutral commentators, too — confidently predicted that Obama would not be able to oppose the pipeline, because he would be nixing jobs heading into an election year. It didn’t matter that an independent study cast doubt on how many jobs the probject would create; this was seen as a sure loser for the president.

But even some proponents of the project say that by attempting to box Obama…

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The UK Government are being moronic over Scotland

“…The coalition says any a vote would be unlawful without their approval…”

BBC News – Cameron and Miliband unite to oppose Scots independence.

Are they serious? Are they trying to alienate all Scots? Do moronic politicians really believe that they would be able to deny the Scottish people their independence if the voted for it – whether in an officially (British Government) sanctioned referendum or not?
Lets face it, if Scotland voted for independence then they would get it, because this is a democratic country and otherwise we would be no better than Serbia under Slobodan Milosovic or Russia under Putin.

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